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EXPORT Assistance Service

The fastest, most effective and reliable solution to increase your international contacts and customer portfolio for international sales in as little as 6 months.

EXPORT Consulting Service

If you want to sustain your exports and increase your international sales for 12 months this consultancy is for you!

EXPORT Department Service

All the departments you need for sustainable exports in the international market are at your service for 12 months!


Ensuring efficiency and continuity in your company’s export processes

Solution Oriented

Creating a roadmap specific to the needs of each brand.


Building our partner’s digital footprint.


Maximizing profitability by opening up to global markets.

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Mehmet Eyyüp Dönmez

Founder, CEO

Business Mentor Foreign Trade Consulting is a marketing and consulting company that provides customized and strategic solutions to help Turkish and Foreign brands discover and grow their export potential. We have successfully guided many companies around the world, enabling our clients to grow and achieve sustainable success in the global arena.

We work with our clients based on market research, strategic planning and a strong sense of collaboration.  Thanks to our rich experience and extensive know-how, we support our clients to achieve success by identifying the most appropriate marketing strategies and export routes.

That is why we offer sustainable export solutions customized for each of our clients. By providing step-by-step guidance in the complex world of global trade, we strengthen our clients’ business strategies and help them gain a competitive advantage in the international arena.

Working with us, our clients can confidently compete on the global stage without worrying about managing their export strategies.

If you want to lead your global success together, join us and get involved in this exciting journey of sustainable export solutions! We are always here for leading export consultancy services that will guide your exports.

Büşra Kaya

Coo, Project Manager

Exporting is the right way to expand our brand awareness beyond borders and multiply our earnings, but a few times is not enough, growth requires sustainability.

When you keep in mind that this process requires professionalism and time, when you create the necessary infrastructure in terms of production, certification and marketing and improve it day by day, exports become sustainable.

We mentor our companies in becoming a global brand, carry out international sales and field operations of our companies and manage the process. We build solid foundations for sustainable exports by creating overseas dealership and distributorship networks. I think this is a vision that every company aiming for export and international brand awareness should have.

Sustainable Export Solutions

Expert Team

Professional team in international marketing, foreign trade intelligence and face-to-face sales.


Knowledge and experience gained in dozens of different sectors integrated into our partners.

7/24 Support

24/7 support to improve the global market network created in hundreds of countries.


Secure and sustainable export systems to ensure you are always profitable.

For Free Pre-Feasibility and Target Market Research