EXPORT Assistance Service

The fastest, most effective and reliable solution to increase your international contacts and customer portfolio for international sales in as little as 6 months.

If you have an export department or export employees and want to increase your offers, this support is for you!

Our goal is to find new contacts and customers in the target countries determined in the target market research based on the needs and performance analysis.

We tried to give information about the steps to be taken to export in the furniture sector and how to create a distributor and dealer network.

Low Cost

Start by identifying the right target for your brand’s marketing budget.

Fast and Effective Solution

Start exporting without wasting time and money with targets tailored to your brand’s needs.

New Customer Portfolio

Thousands of new customers are waiting for you in a trade model without borders!

How Does the Process Work?

How Does the Process Work?

Customer Conversations (Zoom, Whatsapp, Phone Call, Mailing)

Target Market Research


Consultant Assignment

Customer Listing

Product/Brand Orientation

What is included in the service?

Export Assistance Service

  • 5,500 Potential Customer Connections
  • 550 One-to-one Contact
  • Over 55 Proposal
  • 1 Export Consultant Assignment
  • Target Market Research
  • Customer and Competitor Analysis
  • Quotation
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Please contact us for price and information.