EXPORT Department Service

All the departments you need for sustainable exports in the international market are at your service for 12 months!

If you are aiming for a sustainable export by increasing your presence in the international market with a corporate branding work, this department is for you!

Our goal is to integrate our system 100% into your company’s in-house marketing department when our export department service is completed.

We wanted to share with you the unpleasant stories about exporting that both we and other exporters have experienced in the past. Our aim will be to minimize the mishaps and mistakes that may occur in the light of these stories as much as possible and to direct those who want to export to the right export.

Quote Guarantee

Start exporting in the fastest way by choosing one of the targets suitable for your company’s marketing infrastructure

Sustainable Export Solutions

Let us manage and develop all your export processes from A to Z.

International Corporate Identity

With this service, let us manage your brand’s corporate image in global markets from the beginning.

Long Lasting Solution Partnership

Now you have a partner that offers sustainable solutions in line with your export targets!

Digital Marketing for Export

Become a known and found brand thanks to your digital footprint that we have created especially for you!

Autonomous and Unique Department

Start with a team of experts who can lead your company to success as soon as possible.

How Does the Process Work?

Needs Analysis for Needs

Customer Interviews

Target Market Research


Consultant Assignment

Negotiation (Contract and Other Details)

Company/Product Orientation


Customer Modeling

Logistics and Customs Operation

Competitor Analysis

Customer Feedback

Customer Listing

Creation of Work Flow Chart And Transfer

Transfer and Integration of Export Department Service

State Incentives Project Design

Analysis of Government Incentives

Preparation of Website and Digital Arguments

Catalog/Social Media creation

Digital Needs Assessment

What’s Included in the Service?

Export Department Service

  • 5,500 Potential Customer Connections
  • 550 One to One Contact
  • Over 55 Offers
  • 1 Export Consultant
    1 Project Manager
    1 Government Incentives Consultant
    1 Digital Marketing
  • 1 Country Visit in 45 Days (Europe, Asia, Africa)
  • Sales and Operations Monitoring
  • Government Incentives Consultancy
  • Money- Back Guarantee
  • Revenue Target
    *For detailed information about the revenue target, please get in touch!

Please contact us for price and information.