The environment is the allocation of the species communicating with each other for their life spans. The world of living exists because of the environment with the occasions in it. An environment consists of the natural part where humans are not part of it and the unnatural part where humans created it. For the livings to survive and sustain their lives, it is in our hands to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

Environmental pollution is a loop made by humans and ends up hurting humans. Not only hurts humans but also creates an extinction of plants. Environmental pollution is also harmful to non-living beings while it is to living ones. Unfortunately, humans are the ones who will maintain the order to protect others. Environmental pollution is shaped by air, water, and soil pollution. People need fresh air, clean water, and soil to live, still, these factors will affect humans at some point. Could we prepare ourselves for our own end?

Air is the most important factor to live and sustain our lives. Level of the increase in population, urbanization, and industrialization pollute the air we inhale every day. In addition to the negative effects on humans, it is also harmful to the climate and plants which change the cycle of agriculture. The most important examples that can be given to air pollution are the increase in temperature, the switch in climates, and the rise of the sea level due to the melting of glaciers. All of these bring out the problem we called Climate Change that will affect the whole world.

Another important factor that is important for the world and humans is water. 2/3 of the world and 3/4 of the species are made of water which must be the factor for us to realize how important it is to take it seriously. Intervention to water by external substances of plastic, radioactive and non-organic forms cause water pollution. Air and soil pollution also contribute to water pollution. All of the pollutions that are connected cause environmental problems.

All of the nutritional products we get due to soil make it more essential for agricultural perspectives. Soil pollution is corruption which are the result of the intervention of humans. These interventions include misuse of the techniques of agriculture and release of the waste and chemical products. As a result, poisonous gases are released by the polluted soil. Rain ends up with re-irrigation of the soil which ends up with the disruption of the soil structure. The fact that the contaminated soil becomes unusable due to the misuse of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers also increases soil pollution and makes the soil unusable.

Noise pollution occurs when exposed to unwanted noise that exceeds 90 decibels. Noise pollution has an impact not only on the ear but also on people spiritually. For example, we can say that sounds such as horn sound, engine sounds, construction sounds, and the sounds of airline vehicles cause regular pollution.


One of the problems that the uncontrollable increase in the population creates is environmental pollution. As a result of the increase in the world population, limited natural resources are used by humans and will be used in the future will lead the environmental pollution. Because the consciousness of the population cannot be controlled as much as the increase of the population. Responsibility for nature will rise with the increase of consumption which will defect the natural balance. An increase in the amount of the population that lasts for centuries is dangerous for the future as well. The population which is 6,1 billion in the year 2000, is being guessed as 11 billion in the year 2050. This increase will be resulted in the disruption of the ecological balance, the extinction of the oceans and forests, and the wear out of the mountains. Therefore, the main reason for environmental pollution is considered to be the population and its connection with other reasons directly or indirectly.

Industrialization is the first step to moving forward economically and socially. The main reason for industrialization is the improvement of technology which pollutes and consumes nature rapidly. It can be seen that most of the steps to improve the economy are harmful to the environment and nature. However, the continuity of unplanned and mistaken beginning of industrialization drags the usage of natural resources in the same mistaken direction. Industrial waste harm the soil and water, gases released from the factories harms the air, and industrialization near the city harm both the air and triggers noise pollution.

One of the biggest results of population growth and industrialization is urbanization. The reasons for urbanization can be counted as the transition from agriculture to an industry which creates cultural, economic, and political changes. Urbanization turns into an urban sprawl with the excess population in the cities. Urban sprawl and environmental pollution create a dangerous occasion since they are directly proportional. When every unused area is being used in the direction of urbanization, it will have hard consequences. The direct proportion of the decrease in agricultural lands and the concentration in cities increases environmental pollution at the same rate.

What are the sustainable solutions?

Areas’ cleanliness that we live, is our responsibility as much as our right. The responsibility and rights must be applied in the common areas such as streets, avenues, and public areas. Environmental pollution can be prevented by taking precautions since the lack of education and unconsciousness of the people is combined with the population, industrialization, and urbanization. Factories and businesses owned by people do not take into consideration the environment just to make a profit. It shows that they are not conscious of responsibility. It must be our priority as a society to show that the consciousness will rise with the education level, and steps can be taken to protect the existing resources and be more sensitive. The beginning of these steps can be made by not throwing garbage to the ground, giving weight to recycling, separating the substances that cannot sustain their existence in nature, and being more sentient while doing these. You can take your first step with Hedef Container. Because the spread and usage of garbage bins and containers create a critical point for the health of the people.

As a human and a business, using a garbage container must be the first choice that harms the environment at the minimum level. If there is a reason for us to throw our trash in the bin in our houses, then there is a reason to throw it in the bin outside, as well. Most of the problems experienced by people who do not take their garbage out of the house are related to health, and cleanliness is also a factor that protects human health. When we leave the house, we can reach a consciousness if we consider outside is also a living space and a house and act accordingly. The bullet point of Hedef Container’s production of garbage containers is to protect cleanliness and health. We can see that metal containers are more efficient for health and it has been preferred by Hedef Container. For example, oil waste should not be in a plastic bin because it can melt the plastic. If precautions are not taken to not melt the plastic, the function of the plastic garbage container will be damaged. As another example, factory wastes, medical wastes, nuclear wastes, and industrial wastes damage plastic bins and the prediction that the trash can lose its functionality in this damage will cause this material to become metal. Hedef Container have both metal and plastic products, however, metal products are preferred to protect the cleanliness outside which are used regularly. Metal containers that can take 5000 liters of waste cause a cleaner and more hygienic environment by utilizing the collection of garbage in the modern urbanization structure and pushing people not leave their garbage near the bins due to low storage space. Those reasons obstruct visual pollution as well as air pollution by not spreading the smell and bacteria. In order to find the environment tidy and clean, we should give more attention to increasing the use of garbage cans and containers, with the awareness we have developed.

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