In the globalizing and developing world, one of the most important commercial activities that increase and improve the welfare levels of countries is undoubtedly export. For this reason, establishing a professional and qualified Export Department to take part in the fast-moving and growing market share and to gain an advantage in competition will enable you to make a difference in world trade.

So how should a qualified and professional Export Department be? 5 steps you need to do to set up an Export Department…

Employing personnel with sector experience will provide a great advantage both in increasing the export market share volume of your company and in carrying out the business and operations of your department.

So, do the personnel you will hire for your Export Department necessarily have to have experience in your sector? Of course not. What you should primarily look for in the personnel you will hire is whether the personnel are familiar with the main topics of exports such as “Export Marketing Processes, Current Export Regulations, Export Marketing Mixes, Customs Processes, International Marketing Strategies”. It will not be very difficult for a staff with experience in these topics to gain experience in your sector.

If the personnel you will hire has both sector experience and command of the main topics of exports, the Qualified Personnel step will be completed for you.

Another of the most important steps you should pay attention to when establishing your export department is the division of labor of the personnel in a qualified manner.

It is also important that marketing and sales operations are not intertwined. If it is not possible to separate these two important operations, the export process can be distributed to teams.
An important point to be considered when dividing the work is that the distribution of work should be done according to the qualifications, skills and experience of the personnel. Teamwork, qualified division of labor and planning are the basis for sustainable exports.

So how can division of labor be done according to qualifications? You can make this distinction in the form of logistics/customs/cambodian, sales management or corporate communication if your communication with international organizations is intense.

As you can see, you need a minimum of 2-3 staff to establish a qualified and sustainable Export Department. At the same time, you also need a foreign trade manager who can follow up the work and functioning of the department and provide team management. An export manager with many years of experience in the sector will contribute to the quality and continuity of your Export Department.

If you are having difficulty finding a qualified and experienced Export Manager. You can get support from specialized companies that provide expert Export Consultancy services in the field of Export Department management.
One of the determinants of efficiency in your Export Department is regional distribution.
Assigning your staff or teams regionally will contribute to both the increase in knowledge and experience specific to that region and the creation of new strategies as the dominance of the region will increase.
Another benefit of regional distribution is that it will not cause problems based on communication gaps.

Most companies in Turkey, large or small, do not have a workflow chart. The absence of a workflow chart, which is a major obstacle to sustainability in exports, can lead to interruption of work in the export department and even loss of customers.
To give an example, even if the export workflow chart of a company is completely under the initiative and control of the personnel in that department, even if this system works smoothly, when that personnel has to leave the job, the replacement personnel cannot carry out the work in the same way as the old personnel.
In order to avoid these problems, the creation of a work flow chart for the company’s export department will ensure that the norms are determined by proceeding through a single scheme in the department.
If you are not sure how to create a detailed workflow chart for your export department, as BM Foreign Trade Consultancy, we can share our case studies on creating workflow charts and export constitutions for companies free of charge.

When establishing an export department, it is not possible to think separately from export marketing processes. The most decisive and active area of use of export marketing processes is Digital Marketing processes.

Digital Marketing processes have increased their use in many different fields and sectors due to the development of technology and the increase in internet usage. Especially in order to have a say in the international market and to take an active place, marketing and advertising activities have started to be actively used.

Digital Marketing processes are the easiest way to reach customers kilometers away by taking trade to a level where there are no borders.

If you want to improve the digital marketing arguments of your Export Department and improve the missing points, as BM Foreign Trade Consultancy, we can analyze your company’s digital marketing arguments.

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