While exporting is a great opportunity for businesses that want to expand abroad, it also brings with it a great responsibility. Proper planning of every step to be taken in this process is very important for the success of exports.
The steps that businesses should follow before starting to export include many factors such as creating a correct export strategy, conducting market research for target markets, ensuring that products and services comply with international standards, and creating a suitable logistics and financial structure. Failure to take these steps into account or doing them incompletely can lead to problems in the export process. Therefore, it is very important to know and implement the steps to be taken before starting to export.
In this study, we addressed the potential risks that exporting companies may face. Our aim was to explain to new companies what kind of precautions they can take against the threats they may face before entering the market and to create strategies that will enable them to hold on in the sector. We also aimed to contribute to their growth by providing strategies and tactics on how to take the brand further in the globalizing world and turn it into a corporate and globally recognized company.
Our priority was to create a company profile and successfully resolve the errors seen in this profile. Thus, the company that will sell goods or services abroad will realize its mistakes early on and will be ready to export by preparing a solid infrastructure. However, a successful export operation may not be realized only with a solid infrastructure. For this reason, we aimed to minimize mistakes by preparing a road map that the company can follow in order to carry out export operations correctly and completely after strengthening the company.
In short, this article will be very useful for companies that are considering exporting but do not dare to do so. Our aim is to offer companies that want to step into exporting the opportunity to export safely by minimizing risks and to help them develop the right strategies against the difficulties they may encounter in this process.


Before moving on to the tricks that will lead you to success in exporting step by step, it will be effective for you to understand the steps to explain the problems you may encounter before you start exporting through an example.

Let’s take XYZ Mobilya Limited A.Ş., which is a manufacturer company in Kayseri in the furniture sector. Founded in 1998 with the enthusiasm of 3 brothers to do carpentry, the company has achieved very high sales and projects in the domestic market for 20 years. These three brothers, who gave their own surnames to their companies, established a website in 2005 with the developing and changing technology, but they were not successful in this regard. Among the reasons why they were not successful, an ordinary website was created and it was weak in terms of visuality, content and strategic methods.

Until 2018, production was made in a small workshop and approximately 11-20 people were employed. They have marketed the materials to be used in offices and offices within the fields of mastery domestically.

After years, seeing that the furniture sector trade in Turkey has reached very important points, the 3 brothers wanted to enter the world trade, but they could not dominate the world market because they were constantly playing an active role in the domestic market. For this reason, some simple problems occurred in their minds, but they could not find an answer to them.

These are;

  • How will the brand’s recognisability and availability increase?
  • Which country will the product be sent to and by which method?
  • How should the target country be determined?
  • How should the potential customer be reached after the country is determined?
  • How should customer relations be ensured?
  • How can the quality of the products be certified?

First of all, it should not be forgotten that investment should not be avoided when stepping into new things. Investment should be perhaps our most indispensable word here. In addition to investment, patience is also a very important factor. Not being afraid to invest in exports and being patient will lead your company to success.

Furniture (school, work, home, kitchen, special purpose items, wardrobe, bedroom, table, console, etc.), which have different purposes of use and have different forms, are products that every person needs in certain periods. Therefore, the furniture sector has gradually expanded its trade volume both in the world and in Turkey after the 2000s. Small-scale companies that could not go beyond meeting the need for furniture only in the domestic market disappeared without being able to enter the world market. However, companies that have managed to stand out with their design and aesthetic stance and have managed to carry out all processes, including transport processes, have taken their place in the world market.
If we look at the problems of XYZ Furniture regarding exports;

Problem 1: This company, which was established in the traditional way with a family business, i.e. with a small workshop, now wants to export, but they do not know how to proceed. There is no foreign trade department etc. within the company. How should they proceed?

Problem 2: XYZ Furniture Company wants to play a role in the world market but they have a problem with the name of the company. Since it has a name containing letters that are difficult for potential customers to pronounce in foreign languages, this situation prevents globalisation. So what should be done about this?

As we have seen through XYZ Furniture, no matter how much market share you have in the domestic market, even if you are one of the leading companies in your sector domestically, if you cannot take the right steps, you may fall at the first moment you start exporting and you may stop walking or even running.
As an export consultancy firm, we have touched on some important points that will help companies that want to take a new step in exporting to walk in their first steps. Let’s run to export step by step together!


    With the rapid development of technology, consumers can now obtain information about companies via the internet. Therefore, visibility is of great importance for a business. Important elements such as making your website visible in the world, regular content sharing, creating your brand image / identity in a unique way, including images and technical details of your product range on your website, sharing your projects on the site will increase the traffic on your website.

Thanks to the language options and keyword studies on your website, you can reach people in your target country more easily. Also, having a price list of the products on your website allows you to interact more easily with customers who have the potential to be a real buyer.

Although you sometimes have the chance to eliminate people who call to analyse competitors or to find out the prices of your competitors, it is easier for you to reach a real buyer. All of this will contribute to the growth and success of your business, so it’s important that your website is optimised and prepared in the best way possible.


    Researching the most appropriate ways to reach target countries is very important for exporters. Paid and free sites are at the forefront of these ways. One of the most widely used sites, such as TradeMap, has very comprehensive data. It is possible to access the figures of exports, imports and even government tenders by searching with this intelligence channel, HS number. However, it is necessary not to be contented only with these data. By analysing the data published by and the Turkish Exporters Assembly, it may be possible to narrow down the target countries and compare the data.
    It is extremely important to investigate the social, economic and commercial relations with potential countries in detail. It is possible to access these details by accessing the detailed report of the bilateral relations of the countries from the website For example, export processes can be further facilitated by accessing important documents such as tax rates, documents required at customs.

For example, in line with the matrix, France has shown a great tendency to purchase this product in 2020-2021. When the commercial relations between Turkey and France are analysed by looking at the data, the MFN tax rate appears to be 0%. Here, considering the required documents, B310 – Labelling requirements, B700 – Documents containing product quality or performance requirements are required. This means that customs duty is not charged on the product sent, which is a great advantage for the manufacturer. Of course, this advantage will be reflected in the price of the product. Looking at other documents, the quality certificate of the product by experts will increase confidence, especially in European countries.

As another example, we can take Morocco. Morocco, while the tax rate applied to Turkey is 0%, MFN customs duty rate is determined as 25%. B700 – Product quality or performance requirement, B820 – Testing requirement and C900 – Other formalities are also required. The complete preparation of these documents plays an important role in the smooth export of products.


    While conducting market research, it is very important to use B2B online platforms and sector-related social media groups as well as factors such as the functioning of the targeted market, determining the customer profile, and analysing competitors. Thanks to these platforms, it is possible to reach many customers and ensure that the company is reached.
    B2B online platforms are trading platforms that enable businesses to do business with each other and find new customers. Thanks to these platforms, businesses can promote their products or services, respond to requests and gain new customers. Turkish Exporter, which operates in Turkey, and Kompass, Europages, Alibaba, stand out among international platforms.
    Sector-specific social media groups can also be very effective in market research. You can analyse customers, suppliers and competitors by joining groups related to your sector on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, through these platforms, you can follow developments in the sector, learn new trends and evaluate opportunities in the sector.
    B2B online platforms and social media groups provide an important opportunity for businesses to promote their products, respond to requests and gain new customers. By using these platforms effectively, you can bring your business to more customers and increase your competitiveness in the international arena.
    Production capacity allows an enterprise to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of the products offered to consumers. Therefore, businesses with high production capacity gain a great advantage to meet the expectations of consumers and become their first choice.
    Fast delivery is a very important factor for consumers. Many consumers now want to get the products they want quickly and completely. Therefore, high production capacity helps businesses to meet and even exceed the expectations of their customers.

However, due to the increase in competition not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets, it is also very important to have a wide production network. If enterprises want to operate effectively in foreign markets, they may need to expand their production networks. A large production network allows enterprises to enter new markets, reach more customers and generate more revenue.
However, achieving high production capacity can also pose some challenges for businesses. For example, a high amount of capital investment may be required to increase production capacity. This may affect the financial resources of enterprises. In addition, new labour force may be needed to increase production capacity. This may increase the recruitment costs of enterprises.

As a result, high production capacity provides many advantages for enterprises. However, enterprises should be aware that they may also face some difficulties in order to achieve these advantages. It is important for enterprises to consider the factors affecting their financial resources and recruitment costs while expanding their production networks.


    Customer relations are vital for any business. Good customer relations are important both to maintain the prestige of the business and to gain the trust of customers. However, mistakes made when reaching out to potential customers can have a bad impact on their consciousness.
    Many businesses may make mistakes such as failing to explain their business to customers correctly, failing to present sample projects or lacking persuasiveness. These mistakes can negatively affect customers’ opinions about the business. In addition, not speaking confidently and confidently can also cause you to lose the trust of customers.

Explaining the job to the customer and then disappearing may raise question marks in the customer’s mind. Therefore, it is an effective communication method to follow up customers well and address customers by their names. It is also important to establish a long co-operation and offer quality projects instead of just looking at the customer as “money”. This ensures that customers trust the business and maintains the prestige of the business.
The success of a business is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Therefore, approaching potential customers in the right way is important to increase the success of the business. A good customer relationship contributes to customers’ trust in the business, maintains the prestige of the business and contributes to the growth of the business.


    Foreign currency inflow is extremely important for many states and increasing this inflow through exports is a priority for many countries. At this point, it is possible for companies that want to export to export more effectively by taking advantage of government supports. For this, you can have information about how you can benefit from government supports with a little research.
    State supports include, for example, support for participation in fairs abroad, support for overseas market research, support for renting business premises such as offices, showrooms, warehouses and stores to be established abroad. Thanks to these supports, companies wishing to export can promote their products by participating in fairs abroad at more affordable costs and follow a more effective marketing strategy in target markets. In addition, thanks to the support for renting business premises such as offices, showrooms, warehouses and stores, they can manage their business abroad more easily.
    Companies that want to export can both reduce their costs and conduct their business more efficiently by taking advantage of government support. In addition, when you receive export consultancy services, you can both benefit from the related supports and benefit from the highest level incentives from the detailed foreign market research report prepared by BM Foreign Trade Consultancy and Project Development. Exporting by taking advantage of government supports will help companies increase their competitiveness in the international arena.

    Customer satisfaction is very important for the success of a business. Working with SME/producer companies instead of working with global companies in long-term relationships has become a reason of preference for some consumers. This preference has generally emerged with the increasing demand for local productions and local businesses.

SME/producer companies offer customised production, personalised service and a customer-oriented service. This ensures that the customer is more satisfied with the product. The most important thing to ensure customer satisfaction is to make the customer feel valued. Understanding the needs of customers and establishing a strong communication with customers is very important for keeping customer relations strong. Other important things to ensure customer satisfaction are to produce quality products, offer competitive prices and provide a guarantee to the customer. Within the scope of this guarantee, it is very important not to victimise the customer in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
SME/producer companies can grow their business by establishing long-term relationships with their customers. Good product quality, customer satisfaction and references can enable the company to gain more customers. Therefore, by prioritising customer satisfaction and valuing customers, SME/producer companies can grow and develop.


One of the biggest problems SMEs face when exporting is not having enough knowledge and experience in managing legislation and export operations. However, there are several different solutions to overcome this problem.
Firstly, it is possible to create a comprehensive export department. Within this department, there should be experienced and specialised personnel to manage export operations. Thus, you can manage all legislation and operational processes in the most effective way. However, this way has some disadvantages. For example, it may require working with people who are unfamiliar with the sector and a long-term training process. Another disadvantage is to come across too many brokers in the market. If the exporter you buy or a person who finds you a customer is working as a broker, she/he will leave your company in halfway with the customers she/he brings you when an option to earn more money comes out.

The most suitable option we recommend to companies is to work with companies that provide consultancy services. In this way, you can manage your export operations by working with experienced and experienced consultants in the sector. This option is especially ideal for SMEs looking for a faster and more effective solution. You can also facilitate your export operations by taking advantage of the incentives provided by the government.
As BM Foreign Trade Consultancy and Project Development, we offer an Autonomous Export department to manufacturing companies with the Sustainable Export solutions we offer. With this service, companies can make a sustainable export with weekly / monthly sales with a specially prepared Export Workflow scheme without being dependent on a certain person or system.
With our experienced staff who have worked in different sectors, we always move our companies forward in exports with our professional and dynamic team on this path you want to take a new step.


It is important for SMEs to conduct research and make the right investments before starting export operations. Export regulations are long and complex, but can be successfully managed with the right amount of time and effort.
Options for managing export operations include setting up your own export department, working with consulting firms or collaborating with other SMEs/producers. To decide which option is most appropriate, you need to identify your needs, resources and objectives.

Starting with small projects, you need to be patient to gain experience and build a sustainable export operation. It is possible to realise a successful export operation with the right investments, quality products, competitive prices and customer satisfaction-oriented studies.
Remember, taking your first steps on this path you have decided to embark on, as well as removing the obstacles on the road you will walk, will protect you against the problems you may encounter in the future. Plan each step in a planned and sustainable way!

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